Control of processes, Infrastructure, Environmental preservation, Safe and Safety of the staff.

Establecimiento Metalúrgico Sabino Daniele S.A. develops activities providing services such as repair of industrial equipment and fabrication of components, through machining and boiling processes, with the commitment of giving its clients more than expected.

To this end it has developed a Management System which aim is to improve its performance regarding its clients satisfaction, the Control of its Processes, the Infrastructure, the Preservation of the environment and Safe and Safety of its staff.

The company fully trusts in the perfection of this management system through creativity, ideas, knowledge and the ability of the staff for the consolidation of its leadership developing:

  • High quality products and services through failure reduction.
  • Safety and health of people management, based on the prevention of risks.

Progresses in the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of all and every activity, seeking to reduce the costs in the realization of our products and services and the reduction of flaws or imperfections in everything we do in our daily work.


To keep, update and continuously improve the quality management system according to the guidelines of ISO 9001.

It is the company’s commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, by assigning the necessary resources to:

  • Improve the interaction and systematization of all its processes.
  • Assure the results of an optimal management through the treatment, storage and protection of its quality records.
  • Aware the staff about the client’s needs and about the importance of its requirements.

Our permanent goals are the client’s satisfaction and the continuous improvement.

  • We understand that the key for our business to remain and grow in time is “The Client’s Fully Satisfaction”.
  • The strategies that encourage the Continuous Improvement through the data analysis resulting from the management of processes are stablished through the assistance to the Client’s needs and answering to the Mission and Vision of the Organization.
  • The continuous dissemination of our Policy and strategic Objective is part of a program of constant formation and awareness to achieve our client’s satisfaction.

Improve our Client’s interest for our products/services

We commit to:

  • Respect the demands and requirements of each client.
  • Respect the rules and put at the client’s disposal our technical experience and productive capacity.
  • Evaluate the client’s range of satisfaction seeking to raise their interest for our products.
  • Open the doors to our Clients or Certifiers, so that they can verify that what we say we do, is done.

Improve the Working Environment, increase the performance and strengthening the identification, mental preparation and sensitivity of every member of the company’s staff.

Organization, discipline and productivity are not enough. It is needed:

  • To involve each member of the company in the development and maintenance of the Management System.
  • To improve the inner communication channels, as well as the ones with Clients and Suppliers.
  • Teamwork.
  • Development of the conceptual level of each member.
  • To take action.
  • To do the tasks in a responsible, safe way.
  • To give innovative ideas.
  • To learn how to be flexible.
  • To be close to the inner and outer Client.
  • To work thinking about tomorrow.
  • To be proactive.